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Design fiction, Speculative Future, Game Design 

//The world as we know it is almost in ruins as nuclear and radioactive waste pollutes the water and soil. An engineer, one amongst a group of outlaws realises that the production of nuclear power places a huge strain on water resources: one that no one is paying attention to. They try to spread the message through art and posters, but those are easily overpowered by advertisements of nuclear power. As a proactive solution, the outlaws begin to create a self-sustaining community around a step well, storing resources and planning for the future. The engineer designs and builds machinery that will allow them to purify their own water and cultivate on the land around the well. //


Nucleo City was a speculative future and game-like environment which was the outcome of a workshop with Quicksand on Design Fiction and Humanitarian Aid around India during a future water crisis. 

Created using Unity 


Team : aijin shaji, noora yasmin

Guide : hugo pilate, salil parekh


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